Arrested for vidoe taping in public

     Here is something that I find very disturbing. There are currently 12 states that you can be arrested for video recording law enforcement. In some or even all it does not matter if you are in a public place or in your home. Why on earth would any state feel that they need to go the extreme of not only passing a law of this nature, but even going to the far extreme of imposing sentencing of jail time. In the state of Maryland there is a man facing a 25 year sentence for video taping an OFF DUTY police officer bailing out of his car, gun drawn, to stop him on his motorcycle. Granted the man should have not been doing stupid things on his bike in traffic. He got a ticket for that. But with new laws in Maryland, you can and will be arrested for video taping law enforcement.

     so why is it that states are starting to bring these kind of laws into affect? It is plain and simple. They don’t want to be held accountable for their police officers. If you can not prove what happened, you lose. For the police that think that they are above the law, it is open season for them to do as they please.

     It is my belief that law makers in these states are against being held into accountability and have no respect for the people of their state or those whom may visit. For taking any right of this nature from the people of our great nation should be thrown out of office, maybe depending on what the action was be charged with treason. So what I challenge you with is this. If you live in one of these states, call your state representative up and ask them if they voted for this law. If they answer yes, inform they that you WILL NOT vote for them in the next election. And then ask them what they are trying to hide or who they are trying to protect, because it sure ass hell isn’t you.

     One other thing, if you see, hear, read, or find out about any law or bill that your local, state, or federal lawmakers are trying to pass that you disagree with. CALL THEM. You, or WE need to start standing up and telling them they work for us and not the other way around. If they don’t like it, then they can leave.


How does it affect your child?

       A thought. How does it affect your child when one parent pushes something on their child? I am divorced, and I have a beautiful daughter that I love beyond belief. Her mother on the other hand has over the years forced and pushes for my daughter to call her stepfather dad. First question is why? Is it for the fact that she is ashamed that she has been remarried to another man that is not the father of her child, and is trying to hide it from the public view? Or, second, is this just another way that she can be controlling and turn the child against the other parent?

     I drove a truck over the rod for many years. I can remember all the times that my daughter would cry asking and begging me to find a job so that I could be here for her. She did not like only seeing me once a month or so. Well she got her wish in a way. I had gotten injured in an accident that disabled me and not able to work anymore. So I was now at home all the time.  I really thought that I was now going to be able to spend more time with her and build a great relationship with her.

     but after the first couple of months went by I wasn’t for sure that this was going to be possible. The only time that she would come over was when her mother made her because her and her husband were going out of town, and they needed a babysitter. And I was free. My daughter complained about everything. And when they got back to town she would tell me that her “dad” was coming to pick her up. I asked her about why she called him dad one time, her answer was “that is what mom said that I am to call him.”

     Now that she is older, 16, the only time that I here from her is when she needs or wants something, or she is fighting with her mom and dad. To her friends that I have met, I am, Jason, her real dad. There have been many times that my daughter calls me by my given name. I have asked her not to, but I get what I get. And when it comes to her activities at school or anything else she does, I don’t get invited or find out about them till after the fact and when she is confronted, she says that she took him instead.

     So do I really even have a daughter? Am I really even part of her family? Or just someone that she has to put up with? Who will be the one to walk her down the isle when the time comes? I am to the point I can only guess. But the real question is “why am I still here?” Is it time that I just gracefully bow out and leave?